About ReadRate

ReadRate is a meeting place for books and readers. It is a service that helps you to discover wonderful books and tell your friends about them!

Read Rate’s 5 steps.
Five simple steps toward your new favourite book!

1 Easy book selection

Read the stars!
Check our book «star ratings», that show what celebrities are reading? Perhaps you might get excited about a novel recommended by your favourite actor, film director or writer! Or maybe it would be a hot business-book, highly rated by a successful entrepreneur!

Check our objective book ratings.
Every week ReadRate compiles thematic ratings of the best books on the market. Our rating are probably the most impartial ratings of books in Russian! These are the reason why:

— At ReadRate we do not sell books or book content, and therefore we do not have an incentive to promote those books that are deemed most profitable.

— Our service is not linked to any publishing houses or literary clans. We do not serve anyone’s interests except those of our readers!

— And most importantly, our ratings are based on reader preferences of millions of PocketBook users.

Analysing data that comes from PocketBook* readers allows us to form an objective picture of what books are most popular and exciting. Only on ReadRate you can find recommendations that come from millions of real readers!

(* Disclaimer: ReadRate only collects information from readers who consented to it by singing a special user agreement with us)

Try our incredible «magic calculator» of personal recommendations. The service recommends to you books that you are very likely to enjoy. In order to find the book which you are going to love our magic calculator just needs to ask you a few simple questions about your favourite authors and novels. The service will bring you together with the books you will fall in love with straight away!

2 Find out latest book news

In our «news» section you can find information about new release that are worthy of your attention. You can read today what everyone is going to be discussing tomorrow!

Thanks to ReadRate news you will never miss on a film based on the novel you love or your favourite author’s tour stop at your city!

3 Communicate!

to ReadRate using the account of your social network site and look at what your friends are reading! You can discuss books, share reviews, quotes and recommendations on books that are worth reading. You can tell your friends what you have read and what your are going to read! Make selections of your favourite books – the best of them will be published on our main page and their authors will get invitations to speak at Moscow’s most popular libraries.

4 Find the best place and way to get a book

Read Rate does not sell content but in the "Buy" (Card Books) section we will let you know how much the books you want to buy cost in various online bookshops as well as the libraries that stock them.

5 Create your reader profile

Our service will store information about the books you have read, your book ratings and reviews, quotes and your «to read» book lists. This will become your «intellectual business card»!

«What book to read?», «What books are most popular?», «What are the best book ratings?», «What books are celebrities reading?» and «Where to find that great book?» - all these questions are answered on ReadRate website.

ReadRate service is created by PocketBook - a leading manufacturing of e-reader devices. The owners of PocketBook are at a great advantage when using ReadRate service as almost all PocketBook devices come with the service already installed. PocketBook readers can post reviews, rate books, look at their friends’ reading lists and receive personal recommendations directly on their devices.

PocketBook e-readers are equipped with cutting edge E-Ink screen technology which gives you that warm feeling of reading from a page of a traditional paper book. You can buy PocketBook devices in over 30 countries where they are highly valued by book lovers for their simplicity, durability and energy efficiency.

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