A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HINDKO GRAMMAR Hindko is one of the charming languages of the Pak-Indo Subcontinent which is spoken broadly in the districts of Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Attock and the cities like Peshawar, Nowshera, Swabi, Kohat and some other cities and towns of Pakistan. From the viewpoint of some scholars Hindko is a dialect of Panjabi and to the others it is a separate language. Whether one can recognize it as a separate language or a dialect, Hindko is a beautiful language which has its own rich historical background, its own vocabulary treasure and grammatical rules and its own melodic language structure. Each language of the world is an immense heritage of the mankind which should be preserved by all means, whether it be a language of a little clan of the vast African jungles or the lingua franca of our times "English". Dying of a language is like the death of a heritage that has been achieved through the centuries and it, absolutely, is like the death of a living cell of the body of the mankind. After some years of my studies on Hindko, I realized that if something is not done, like the many different languages of the world, which remained as the old and forgotten names in the pages of history books or in some research books, this beautiful language, most likely, will also be a part of old times. What I could do to preserve this language, it was to prepare a grammar for Hindko. So I prepared this book and you will find a practical way of the Hindko grammar in this book.

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