This is the eighth volume in the Foundation's series "Accomplishments in Cancer Research". It records the Foundation's activities for the 1986 prize year, including its efforts to identify and award with its prizes those who have made the most seminal contributions in cancer research. Perhaps the most valuable and unique characteristic of the modern scientific community is its unremitting enthusiasm and confidence that it can understand and control cancer. The effort is inter­national and deserves to be so honored. The Foundation's prizewinners are identified in a worldwide survey of noteworthy contributions in scientific areas relevant to cancer research. This international group of candidates is evaluated in turn by international bodies of scientists. The committees were composed this year of scientists from the United States, Australia, England, France, Ger­many, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, and Scotland. Attesting further to the "one world" of science, the 1986 prizewinners were...

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