The Accrington Pals is a poignant and harrowing play set in the early years of the First World War, as the countrys jingoistic optimism starts to wane and the true terror of warfare gradually becomes clear. The play looks at both theterrifying experiences of the men at the front and the women who were left behind to face social changes, deprivation and the lies of propaganda.Whileoften comicvignettes portray the everyday life of a town denuded of men,themenface the terror that is the Battle of the Somme.This compassionate play portrays thedevastating effects of war onthis typical Lancashire mill town and thesuffering of everydaypeople.This Modern Classic edition includes a new preface by the author, plus a full introduction exploring the themes, social/historical context and characters.The edition will also include a chronology of key events mentioned in the play and classroom activities.

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