The book gives an overview of the state-of-the-art in SigmaDelta design and of the challenges for future realizations. It provides an understanding of the fundamental power efficiency of SigmaDelta converters. In addition, it presents an analysis of the power consumption in the decimation filter. Understanding these power/performance trade-offs, it becomes clear that straight-forward digitization of a conditioning channel, i.e. exchanging analog for digital conditioning, comes at a major power penalty. This book proposes an alternative vision on digitization: because of its inherent immunity to interferers, part of the signal conditioning can be integrated into the continuous-time SigmaDelta A/D converter. This approach results in a major improvement of the power/performance balance of the entire channel. The various aspects of the interferer immunity of the converter are analyzed in much detail and improved SigmaDelta topologies with even higher immunity are presented. Design examples for highly digitized AM/FM and Bluetooth radios serve as an illustration. The examples include detailed circuit diagrams, simulation and test results, as well as an evaluation of the SigmaDelta-based conditioning channel as compared to more conventional solutions.

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