Adaora invites the reader into a world of intricate folklore, rich in myths and legends; where people live, side by side strange and exciting tales--some of which are atmospheric, and some downright frightening. The setting and the horror elements of Adaora are distinctive and exotic, and features supernatural entities, magic, and a fight that could shatter the universe. The subject and symbolism used in Adaora are something anyone can understand and relate to, no matter where they live or what kind of culture they come from. Adaora is a disturbing, violent, and tragic story of betrayal that leads to rivalry between two female gods. Adaora is about lost love, jealousy, dangerous - murderous - passion, fear, and fury. Good against evil forces. Author Bio: Dotta Raphels was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria, in Imo State. She is a freelance writer and blogger. She grew up amid a culture of folk-tales, myths, fables and a belief in the supernatural. As a child, she travelled the world over, through the enthralling pages of the many books she read, in a bid to escape the realities of growing up in a polygamous home. Dotta Raphels currently resides in Houston, Texas with her peculiar vegan husband and seven quirky children, two of which are know-it-all twins and a bossy last born, queen Elizabeth. Her writing is influenced by their individual characters. Visit our website at WWW.DOTTARAPHELS.COM Keywords: Paranormal Romantic Thriller, Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Strong Female Protagonist, Strong Female Lead, Romantic Paranormal Suspense, Female Lead

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