The principles of adult learning work on the basis that we all learn differently, and the way we like to receive and interpret information varies from person to person. Instructional designers and trainers who use a combination of adult learning principles to provide balance in their programs, raise the odds of keeping all participants focused and engaged throughout the learning process. A good mix of adult learning styles is critical in ensuring learning through participant retention and workplace application.This Learning Short-take combines self-study with workplace activities to develop skills and knowledge in the principles of adult learning. Participants will add adult learning techniques to their 'grab bag' of instructional design tools for improved learning outcomes. Participants will evaluate their current approach to instructional design, and develop new and innovative strategies to engage learners at every level. Significantly increasing participant retention and training results, this Learning Short-take will fuel your confidence in designing successful training every time.The Learning Short-take is designed for completion in approximately 90 minutes.Learning Objectives: Successfully match adult learning terms with definitions. Determine your personal Learning Style preference. List and give working examples of three Adult Learning Principles - Global vs Specific, Learning Styles and Learning Types. Develop strategies and ideas to link Adult Learning Principles with Instructional Design.

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