Do you relate to Gandalf in The Hobbitt when he invites Bilbo Baggins on an adventure, or Gollum's two opposite personalities in Lord of the Rings? Can you maintain critical thinking followed by action in the midst of a difficult situation? In the effort to gain success and happiness, you might experience stress. In this book you will discover how to: *Channel stress into the four positive addictions.*Be happy and successful from adversity through victory.*Successfully confront stressful situations with strength and sensitivity.*React heroically under stress.*Keep your sense of humor when life's challenges generate anxiety.*Recover from failure and humiliation.Mother Teresa taught us to convert adversity into enterprise by finding the gifts within stressful situations. Jackie Robinson, being more than a baseball hero, reminds us you can rise above rejection, with courage, dignity and self-esteem. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe illustrate that success can be dangerous. In their effort to be successful they lost their happiness. By depending on some of the ten negative addictions, rather than thrive on stress, they fell victim to this toxic energy.In your pursuit of happiness as well as success, stress, more than stimulating creativity, can be a positive energy for achievement.

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