Альбом Санктъ-Петербургъ прошлое и настоящее 208 стр. с футляром комбин. пер. англ. яз.


Богато иллюстрированное подарочное издание большого формата с шелковым ляссе. Книга упакована в оригинальный подарочный футляр. Two world wars and one civil war, the genocide of the Russian populace and also, incidentally, the modern scientific and technical revolution, inevitably left their mark of the mentality of St Petersburg's inhabitants, but had little affect on the city's appearance. Many of its secret corners remained completely untouched, as is demonstrated by Karl Bulla's pictures. Although St Petersburg lost its status as capital just as the empire of which it was the centre became a thing of the past, it managed to retain its inner dignity, the unique originality of its way of life and culture. St Petersburg is as subject to the vagaries of time as anything else, but there is an aspect that brings it close to eternity - everything in it exudes past glories and that special magnetism continues tо draw people to it. Like any other city, though, St Petersburg...

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