Alimony Blues presents a clear message to the American people. Something is terribly wrong with the legal system. Innocent people have gone to prison for crimes which they never committed. Prosecutors have withheld evidence which would have exonerated those who were accused. Divorce lawyers, in particular, have over-charged clients for their work. The legal system is out of control. As one lawyer said, "There is no justice. There is no mercy. It's about the money". John Remington, the central character in Alimony Blues, was broke and could not pay alimony. In fact, he had to borrow money just for food and to pay rent. Although he had earned no money all year, he was nevertheless held in contempt by a judge. He had to literally borrow money to pay alimony or go to jail. He never forgot the experience. Unable to win in court John took his fight to the street. He held a golf tournament to pay his alimony. The event was advertised nationally and was quite a success. Newspapers ran the story of the "Alimony Open" golf tournament. Golfers came from everywhere to play. They loved the idea of somebody standing up to a judge and the courts and fighting them openly. It was then that John Remington began to research the legal system. The more he read, the more disgusting it became. He came to the conclusion that lawyers are actually stealing from families in the courts, and judges are letting them do it. A person or a family can be destroyed by legal fees. The time has come to put a cap on legal fees and a term limit on judges. If two terms are enough for the president of the United States, two terms are also enough for a judge. Alimony Blues describes the path to take to clean up this legal mess in which we find ourselves. The time has come to begin the revolution. The American people must go to the street and fight to make the changes in our courts.

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