Along the Crooked Road is a day to day life experience of a teenager school girl. Relocation from Pakistan to U.A.E. is in fact migration from unified culture and sort of joint family system to isolated in house atmosphere and multicultural environment outside especially while at school has greatly impacted her personality from a naughty, talkative and aggressive girl to a silent and self contained Ayesha. Her sensitive traits lead her to express her observations and unsaid feeling in the shape of poetry. How it happened and when she started expressing her thoughts in poems that we couldn't visualize till 2011 when all of sudden her mother saw one of her poem which astonished both of us. The title of each poem contains prevalence mostly in the school and occasionally at home. She has her own perspective to feel and inspire from the class mates and the class rooms, from studies and the exams, and above all the class teachers and their approach to their students played a vital role to Ayesha's insight. These all articles of her life collectively left deep impressions on her mind and transforms to her poems. Along the Crooked Road are the facts expressed in fictions.

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