Amalfi Close is the captivating coming of age debut from exciting new author G.P. Gill. This fast-paced escapade, set in LA, is seasoned with deception, obsession and addiction. Eager to leave Culver City and his abusive family once he graduates from high school, Caleb Crawford takes a summer job with Frankie Followill, his best friend's uncle, to raise the cash for his departure. His part-time pursuit at the Followill store introduces him to more than just groceries - criminals, sordid drug deals and all-round overindulgence are what really surround him in his newfound employment. The underbelly of LA's lavish lifestyle is where Cal really begins his role. He's soon banished from his home by his drunken father, Tom, for getting involved with the infamous family and his hopes for a university scholarship are ruined due to his destructive dabbling. As the weeks pass, and his willpower wilts, Cal finds it increasingly difficult to remain focused on his girlfriend, Kim, their plans for the future and his final exams. The frivolous underworld, in which his best friend, Finn, and all the Followill crew live, is far more enticing. Cal, blinded by seduction and extravagance, becomes involved with the worst crowd imaginable. He loses Kim due to his hedonistic habit and consequential infidelity. Finn, consumed with addiction and jealousy, betrays Cal and lands him in trouble with the cops; Finn finds Kim just as appealing as his supposed best buddy, but knows he can never have her. Frankie Followill, Cal's previous mentor, wants no more to do with him once he's arrested; the crime boss doesn't need any heat! Cal is left high and dry. Not even his father can stay sober long enough to help him. Following Kim's rejection, Finn's betrayal, Frankie's disassociation and his family's neglect, Cal finds himself at an all-time low. He strives to follow the right path as he searches for a sense of belonging, but what has he got to stay focused for now? The titillating LA party scene, with all its carefree perks, are difficult to deny when life has become so hopeless that they seem like Cal's only friends: in the opulent mansion on Amalfi Close he finds solace in the comforting arms of cocaine. There he can hide from the cruelty of his reality. But the party can't last forever. Cal starts off as the determined and honest Californian boy, but the question is can he ever get back there?

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