Did you know that . . .U.S. money pours into India at a rate of over $25 million every day?India's economic growth has averaged 8.6 percent a year since 2004, hitting 9.4 percent last year?At this rate, India will become the fifth largest consumer market by 2025 (up from #12 today)?U.S. venture firms will raise $1 billion for India by the end of this year?U.S. exports to India have more than doubled over the last five years?China aside, India is the world's most rapidly growing economy. But cashing in on that opportunity can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Whether you work for a company doing business in India or are an entrepreneur looking to export your goods and services, An American's Guide to Doing Business in India will help you navigate all aspects of this complex market. Esteemed industry consultant Eugene M. Makar offers his proven tips, tools, and techniques to help you:Break into the marketWeigh the pros and cons of investmentsFind joint venture partnersHire local representationYou'll also learn to recognize key social and cultural differences. From where to bank to what to wear, you'll discover what makes India different-and how you can best position yourself there for success.

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