A previously unpublished body of work from the late, great photographer Andre Kertesz, featuring a collection of photographs that capture the ephemeral beauty of Paris in 1963. Andre Kertesz, a master photographer of the twentieth century, was a pioneer in photographic composition and photojournalism who gained critical acclaim for his image distortions. Born in Hungary, he moved from Paris to New York during World War II. In 1963, he returned to Paris and took more than 2,000 black-and-white photographs and nearly 500 slides that capture the city’s essence—from Montmartre to the banks of the Seine to its gardens and parks. Kertesz edited these photographs into book form, but the work was set aside and was only recently rediscovered in his archives, twenty-five years after his death. The previously unpublished material is reproduced here as he originally intended and completed with archival documents and a critical essay.

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