In the desert, no one gives a damn if you scream... The Cruza: A ruthless, all female crime syndicate that has been building its power base over generations. More secretive than the CIA, more deadly than the Mafia, its main interest: White Slavery. Miss Rebecca, The Inquisitor, head of the powerful San Diego division, oversees a lucrative operation, feeding the insatiable perverted appetites of the Cruza's wealthy lesbian clients by preying on the millions of vulnerable illegal immigrants that flood over the Mexican border each year. So successfully, that even the notorious Russian Mafia is knocking on her door, looking for a partner in their own sex slave operations. In contrast to Rebecca's own icily cruel but sophisticated style, her young protege, Amber, was forged in the burning hatred of white-trash America. But now the girl's sadistic talent for inflicting sexual torment upon the Cruza's collection of slave girls may be crucial as Rebecca attempts to hunt down a renegade assassin and her twisted creation, The Dolls' House, before the woman's growing insanity leads the FBI straight to the Cruza's door.

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