From soldiers fighting on a virtual battlefield to werewolves and trolls living on mountains, the four short stories in this collection all take place in a world not quite our own. In The Champion, Maxim and Dorian are secret lovers in a world where men are not allowed to love each other and wars are fought by men on a virtual battlefield. Maxim is the Black Champion, but will his bravery extend to his love life as well? Next up is The Mountain, a fairy-tale style story featuring a village lad who is fascinated by the mountain that looms over his home, and the supposed beastly troll that lives within its caves. Wolf Unexpected and Ten Things to Hate About Being a Werewolf, are two urban fantasies featuring shapeshifters who are new to being werewolves. Can their heroes each find someone to help them find joy and happiness in their new situation? Stories in this collection were originally published individually by Torquere Press.

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