Based on the author's Sailing an Atlantic Circuit, this practical, how-to guide to the planning, preparation and execution ofa passage is both a helpful and an inspirational book forall sailors considering an offshore or ocean passage. A vastly experienced Atlantic ocean sailor, Alastair Buchan looks indetail at three specific passages (a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, apassage from the Eastern Seaboard of the USA to the Caribbean, andcruising around the Caribbean itself). The advice, ranging fromchoosing/refitting a boat, insurance, safety, training crew and routeplanning to watch keeping, weather routeing, heavy weather strategiesand disaster management, is applicable to any other open sea passageand will be invaluable to any would-be long distance sailors.Illustrated throughout with helpful diagrams, maps, and inspirationalphotography, this is an essential handbook for all sailors aspiring tomake an offshore or ocean passage.'An informative common sense approach...from decades of personal experience' Dorset Echo'A comprehensive user-friendly guide that will inspire anyarmchair dreamer...thoroughly informative and entertainingly written' Yachting Monthly

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