While this is a stand-alone story, we recommend reading Attracted to Him first. Millionaire sex-toy creator Aniston is on a mission. She's going to crack the icy exterior of her best customer's assistant Madilyn and melt her heart if it's the last thing she does. Her tempting strategy includes her glass chateau in the Colorado Rockies, a bit of bondage, toys she's whipped up especially for Madilyn and lots of erotic pleasure. Relationship-shy Madilyn has kept her intense attraction to Aniston hidden behind her cool exterior. After a disastrous breakup with her first-and only-girlfriend, she's not interested in risking her heart again, no matter how sexy the other woman is. When she discovers Aniston skinny-dipping in her luxurious swimming pool, Madilyn is faced with a decision-to jump into a relationship all the way or leave without knowing if the sizzling chemistry between them could lead to much more. Inside scoop: These passionate women experiment with many sensual treats, including a little light bondage. A Romantica® GLBT female/female erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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