Fifteen years ago, Oscar-winning actress Anna Mayhew had the world at her feet. Now she's pushing forty, her younger lover has left her and the parts are drying up. Seriously depressed, Anna spends much of her time thinking up clever ways to kill herself. But when she discovers she has a crazed stalker, Anna decides she might as well let the stalker do it instead - and create enough headlines to propel her name into film immortality? What better way for a star to exit the stage?Enter David Spandau, who's hired by Anna's sister to protect her. But how do you keep alive a woman who'd prefer to be dead? Despite himself, Spandau finds himself falling for Anna when he accompanies her to the Cannes Film Festival. But Vincent the stalker is also in Cannes, intent on a bloody consummation of their relationship. And Vincent in turn is followed by Special, an opera-loving LA pimp who's trying to recover the $80,000 of mob-owned money Vincent stole from him.So begins a deadly cat-and-mouse game. . .

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