Be My Valentine contains six fun and flirty erotic stories set around February the 14th. Whether you're relaxing at home or celebrating with someone special this Valentine's day, these kinky stories will certainly set the mood. My Soho Valentine - Laura Alvarez An expensive-looking ivory box arrives at Serena's desk, inviting her to take the risk and join a mystery man on a 24-hour Valentine's date in Soho... a date so luxurious and kinky she is unlikely to ever forget it. Save It For The Third Date - Penny Goodweather When Jennifer's date for Valentine's day fails to show up at the restaurant, she consoles herself by having a few drinks at a nearby bar. She wants sex just as much as anyone, but has a 'third date' rule which she has always stuck to. Tonight however, Jennifer hasn't even had a first date... until the barman catches her eye... Valentine's Day Secret - Scarlett Knight Dawn can't sleep Valentine's Day night, so she calls up friend and co-worker Michael to meet her for a...

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