A collection of poetry for the hopeless romantic in all of us. Each poem reflects love at first sight, the ache of love, and forever lasting love. Do you wonder why some people don't understand what other people need, especially those they profess to love? It's amazing how rampant neglect is. It's not being greedy or spoiled, the need for communication and attention. Attention costs nothing. Not spending money on flowers but if you see one, pick it, and bring it home. A look and a touch are simple. A few words go a long way. People wonder why the other person gets disinterested. It blossoms at the start, but then dies when we get too busy with our lives. We chose to love that person because we want them in our lives. The newness, fluttering heart, their voice, and laugh, we must appreciate it and encourage it. We get too busy and too lazy and then when it is gone, we wonder why. Love needs nurturing. It doesn't sustain itself. Reading this collection will inspire those to reflect on their own journey of love and relive those passionate moments in time.

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