Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty


The proceedings book of the Biolox Symposium in Seoul is composed of 10 sessions and plenary lectures of the most current knowledge available in the use of Bioceramics and alternative bearings. More than 50 speakers with world-famous reputations from 12 countries come together to a total of 52 topics on recent developments in Bioceramic and alternative bearings in arthroplasty. Among the recent developments in the arthroplasty field, bearing surface occupies one of the most important positions. In Asian culture, sitting with crossed legs and squatting positions are more common compared to the Western culture. Because of such a different cultural background, in arthroplasty, impingement and wearing of liner are more important problems. With this point of view, the interest about bioceramic and alternative bearing is increasing. The written version of the scientific program will allow you to carry home a more concise view of the Symposium presentations.

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