The Boat Maintenance Bible isthe most up to date, user-friendly and hands-on manual for boat ownersof all skill levels wishing to keep their boat seaworthy and safe.Packed with detailed, exploded diagrams, helpful photographs andstep-by-step guidance, it offers indispensable advice to enable anyoneto maintain or repair a yacht, motorboat or a dinghy. Fromhull and deck maintenance, engine repairs, plumbing problems, gasleaks, sail repair, battery and wiring defects, to interiorrefurbishment, dinghy and trailer repair, hauling out andwinterisation, it's all here. The Boat Maintenance Biblewill equip everyone with the knowledge required to prevent onboardproblems, carry out specialised tasks and tackle both short-termtroubleshooting as well as long-term boat care.With this book to hand, you'll never need to call in the experts!

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