The WHAT'S IN A TEAR? Series is a source of empowerment for those individuals who require real, feasible answers and guidance, in both how to prevent cancer, and most importantly, how to overcome it. The WHAT'S IN A TEAR? Series answers questions regarding why cancer develops in the first place, and what is needed for preventing or overcoming its development. It contains a wealth of action-taking tips that can be applied immediately to take control of cancer growth. The reader develops a deep understanding of the TRUE nature of cancer cells - realizing at once, the massive error in the current medical theories surrounding the nature of cancer cells that have, unfortunately, been sabotaging our efforts at a real cure. The reader develops a deep awareness of the myriad physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors that are truly leading to cancer's development. The first book in the series, The Purpose of Cancer, teaches the newest and most profound, world-changing understanding of what this misunderstood 'disease' actually is, and what we as individuals need to do to truly eliminate it.

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