The Ramifiation of a Central American Family shares the wealth of facts not only about the Zelayas, Nuilas, Turcios and Suarez families, but the history of Honduras- its discovery, conquest, its pacification, the building of its iconic houses of worship and the ever present revolutions. The modern history of Central America and of my family includes the 20's and 30's, when governmental attempts to dissolve power that up to then had rested on the small elite segment of society gave way to dictatorial states everywhere but, Costa Rica. For the next fifty years with only brief and occasional lapses dictators were at the helm. And it was in this environment where families including mine, survived oppression, uncertainty and fear. The RCAF describes our immigration to Costa Rica, where my family worked as professionals and contributed to its citizenship. Ultimately, immigrating to the United States in the 1950's during the cusp of the cold war. Reflecting on the lifespan of this one family that joined other branches just as rich in their history offers a clear picture of the influence of religion, successful and responsible immigrations and the ultimate nature of Central American families.

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