Cookbook author and columnist Faith Heinauer Moser, the creative force behind, offers up her expertise on brunches in her latest book, The Brunch Cookbook: Simple and Scrumptious Recipes to Rise and Shine to! &quote;Almost by definition brunch is a special occasion, a meal that takes place at an out-of-the-ordinary time and with fancier food than we normally eat for breakfast or lunch. It's not just a question of recipes, but how to serve them.&quote;This all-brunch cookbook is full of fresh ideas for traditional favorites. The book includes hot and cold aperitifs, scrumptious muffins, cakes and breads, colorful side dishes, egg concoctions, French toast and waffles. Some recipes are designed to be cooked the night before, taking away the stress of the last-minute rush before guests arrive. Tips for arranging the food buffet style ensure that the meal goes smoothly, whether for family or friends.

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