IT professionals need business knowledge in today's fast-paced financial landscape to deploy and maintain business-critical systems. This book gives the IT professional an insight into the business world of investment banking. It contains 12 chapters that cover: * A description of business divisions for full-service and boutique investment banks * Trends in investment banking * Overview of the asset classes * The trading lifecycle and how it maps to the software development lifecycle * An overview of the systems from notable vendors that are used for trading, risk management and compliance * A description of the major players in the industry * Skills demanded by employers The authors have carefully selected topics for discussion that ensure a wide coverage of the business knowledge required to get readers up to speed with the exciting business of investment banking. Business Knowledge for IT in Investment Banking is an invaluable handbook for professionals working in investment banking and crossovers. It is targeted at IT professionals such as: * Project Managers * Application developers * Development Managers * Test Managers * Business Analysts * Data Analysts * Systems Analysts * Test Analysts * Support Analysts * Database Administrators * HR staff responsible for IT recruitment Post graduate and under graduate students in Information Technology -related degree courses will also find this book useful. This is the first publication in the Bizle Professional Series .It is also the first of its kind that addresses the misalignment of IT and business and contains region-specific content.

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