"Business Knowledge for IT in Private Equity" deals with the alignment of IT and business of Private Equity. The idea behind the publication is to introduce IT professionals to the concepts of the business of Private Equity. The chapters in the book cover the following topics: overview of the Private Equity industry; sources of funds for investing; types of funds; industry sectors in which Private Equity firms invest; investment to exit - the life cycle of a Private Equity investment; systems used in the private equity industry; the future of the private equity industry; and, much more.Innovations in Private Equity and IT to be discussed include: Fund Raising and Investing in developing economies; Private Equity Fund of Funds; Investing in Private Equity evergreen structures; Evolving IT requirements in the Private Equity firms. "Business knowledge for IT in Private Equity" is an invaluable reference handbook for IT professionals. It is also useful for both undergraduate and graduate students in Information Technology - related degree programmes. This is another publication in the "Bizle Professional Series". It is uniquely designed to be easy-on-the-eye and flexible. The design ensures that it is portable and can easily fit into bags and even pockets. The book is concise ensuring that readers don't get distracted by superfluous information.

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