Everyone has a story. Some of these stories are good, some are bad, some are memorable, and some are best left forgotten.In By Any Means Necessary: My Personal Struggles with Good and Evil, Emivita—a baby born in Europe to Italian parents, a child who moved to America, and a woman who struggled to build a better life in her adopted country—shares a lifetime of her stories. She shares the confusion of beginning a new life in a new land, the thrill of first love, the pain of abuse at her mother’s hands, her fascination with testing traditional gender roles, vacations, college, lifelong battles with violent impulses against herself and others, a complicated marriage, motherhood, depression, and more.Emivita’s life has been one of struggle, pain, and growth, and her only concern is the footprint she leaves behind. But through it all, she has always felt deep compassion for animals. She cares about how her actions will impact the future of both man- and animal-kind alike. A vocal advocate for animal rights and welfare, she works to enhance our understanding of compassionate care for the creatures in our lives.Hers is a very human life lived By Any Means Necessary, and her story is still being written.

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