They are the generations who should really have been the most screwed up. But they weren't! They survived the horrors of great wars, monster depressions, savage recessions, rationing, bombing, living for years in holes in the ground, persecuted, deprived and bankrupt. They should have been crazy in a normal world but somehow ended up normal in a crazy world. This is the story of a family and in particular one boy who endured it all, grew up, and sort of triumphed. It is not a book to be read and understood in the context of the 21st century. It relates to events long gone but not forgotten. Tradition, culture and conservatism were the order of the day even by those who thought themselves radicals. Politically correct fans will have a blue fit if they read it. The author hopes they do! If this book makes anybody understand and think again then the writer will feel he has had a measure of success. Amongst the horror, trials and tribulations characters emerge full of life, fun and humour.

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