Change Your Words, Change Your Worth: How to Get a Job, a Promotion, and More by Speaking and Writing Effectively


SELF IMPROVEMENTWhat do getting a job, earning a promotion, making the right friends, and boosting your confidence all have in common? Doing each one of those things is a whole lot easier when you can speak and write without making grammatical mistakes. Just ask any hiring manager, senior-level executive, or neighbor next door.In this guide, author Patricia Blaine, a longtime professional writer, gives you the tools you need to write and speak effectively. You can learn how to • avoid common mistakes in verbal and written communications; • speak clearly—even practice with tongue twisters; • master the usage of pronouns, prepositions, and basic punctuation; • finally master correlative conjunctions; • organize an effective résumé and cover letter; and • boost your overall vocabulary.By using everyday examples of proper and improper usage, Blaine makes it clear which words and clichés to avoid. Start putting your words to work for you, and beat your competitors seeking jobs, promotions, and advantages in everyday life with the practical advice in Change Your Words, Change Your Worth.

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