The Patai Series publishes comprehensive reviews on all aspects of specific functional groups. Each volume contains outstanding surveys on theoretical and computational aspects, NMR, MS, other spectroscopic methods and analytical chemistry, structural aspects, thermochemistry, photochemistry, synthetic approaches and strategies, synthetic uses and applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biological, biochemical and environmental aspects.To date, over 110 volumes have been published in the series.Recently Published TitlesThe chemistry of the Cyclopropyl Group (Volume 2)The chemistry of the Hydrazo, Azo and Azoxy Groups (Volume 2, 2 parts)The chemistry of Double-Bonded Functional Groups (Volume 3, 2 parts)The chemistry of Organophosphorus Compounds (Volume 4)The chemistry of Halides, Pseudo-Halides and Azides (Volume 2, 2 parts)The chemistry of the Amino, Nitro and Nitroso Groups (2 volumes, 2 parts)The chemistry of Dienes and Polyenes (2 volumes)The chemistry of Organic Derivatives of Gold and SilverThe chemistry of Organic Silicon Compounds (2 volumes, 4 parts)The chemistry of Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds (Volume 2, 2 parts)The chemistry of Phenols (2 parts)The chemistry of Organolithium Compounds (2 volumes, 3 parts)The chemistry of Cyclobutanes (2 parts)The chemistry of Peroxides (Volume 2, 2 parts)The chemistry of Organozinc Compounds (2 parts)Forthcoming TitlesThe chemistry of AnilinesThe chemistry of Organomagnesium CompoundsThe Patai Series OnlineThe Patai Series is available in electronic format on Wiley InterScience. All new titles will be published as online books and a growing list of older titles will be added every year. It is the ultimate goal that all titles published in the Patai Series will be available in electronic format.For more information see under Online Books

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