Raised on an Oklahoma ranch in the early twentieth century, Tommy Jo Burns shuns traditional female roles and instead learns to rope and ride. At fourteen, she so impressed Teddy Roosevelt that he dubbed her America's first cowgirl.Filled with dreams of performing in a Wild West show, Tommy Jo joins Colonel Zack Miller's 101 Ranch Show and takes the name Cherokee Rose.Cherokee Rose can rope with the best of them and tangles with a few: an awkward ranch hand who emerges as Will Rogers; a handsome husband who resents her fame; and a wealthy gambler who teaches her how to follow her heart.Inspired by the life of Lucille MulhallREVIEWS:"Judy Alter melds romance and western genres effectively... an entertaining novel with a memorable heroine and great passion for life." ~BooklistREAL WOMEN OF THE AMERICAN WEST, in series orderLibbieSundance, Butch and MeCherokee Rose

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