The doctrines of grace in the New Testament have been neglected in Christian churches for a long time. According to the Apostle Paul, if we do not include the grace approach as a way of living our lives, we are not trusting in the power of the gospel. Now that we are born again, Christ's loving, divine nature is available in us by His Holy Spirit. His Holy Spirit is in union with your spirit all day long as the faithful, obedient, indwelling Lord. This because Christ's 'seed' (sperma in Greek) that is in believers is incorruptible. I explain how necessary it is for us to die to self so Christ can come alive in us. We are receiving a Spiritual education here on earth by God's revelation of Himself in Scripture, prayer, learning through all of the troubles and trials of life, and observing the beauty of His creation. We learn through trusting and obeying during troubles for the ability to manage and rule in the New Heavens and New Earth.

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