Cluster Analysis for Data Mining and System Identification


This book presents new approaches to data mining and system identification. Algorithmsthat can be used for the clustering of data have been overviewed. New techniques andtools are presented for the clustering, classification, regression and visualization ofcomplex datasets. Special attention is given to the analysis of historical process data,tailored algorithms are presented for the data driven modeling of dynamical systems,determining the model order of nonlinear input-output black box models, and thesegmentation of multivariate time-series. The main methods and techniques areillustrated through several simulated and real-world applications from data mining andprocess engineering practice. The books is aimed primarily at practitioners, researches, and professionals in statistics,data mining, business intelligence, and systems engineering, but it is also accessible tograduate and undergraduate students in applied mathematics, computer science, electricaland process engineering. Familiarity with the basics of system identification and fuzzysystems is helpful but not required.

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