College Is For Suckers -The First College Guide You Should Read is a frank and to-the-point "buyer beware" for anyone considering a college "vacation." This book offers insightful information that could save you thousands of dollars! While exposing the "hype" associated with a traditional college education, this book provides you with valuable options for higher education in your pursuit of a successful future. Even if you are dead set on going to college, you can't afford to be without this book! Be aware of what you, as a college consumer, can realistically expect from a traditional four-year college. Don't be a sucker! College Is For Suckers -The First College Guide You Should Read... Shatters myths about the need for a traditional liberal arts education. Compares the "hype" with the actual value of a four-year degree in today's market. Peels away the extra fluff associated with the "college experience" and shows how you can be a "well-rounded" party animal on your own while attending trade schools, vo-tech programs or apprenticeships that actually prepare you for a career. Provides thought-provoking points to help you decide if college is necessary for you, or at least necessary for you now. Explains how college has actually "dumbed-down" due to grade inflation, ridiculous requirements, and outdated curriculums. Offers creative alternatives for achieving a marketable education. Lists valuable resources for obtaining knowledge, credentials and experience (other than a four-year college) and shares the secrets of successful professionals who never graduated from college. Explains the dangers of student loans and how college is not always a good "investment."

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