"Combating Terrorists in the USA" provides all Americans with basic information on how to deal with terrorists who are currently living in clandestine cells within the USA. We provide information on the enemy and the associated threat. "Combating Terrorists in the USA" provides strategy and the importance of intelligence. We delve into combating terrorism, risk management, security planning, and countermeasures. "Combating Terrorists in the USA" considers protecting our critical infrastructure, cyber-security (including cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-warfare), terrorist profiling, maritime piracy, abortion clinic bombings, Ku Klux Klan, Al-Qaeda, and naval militias. "Combating Terrorists in the USA" includes 443 reference citations of ideas from many of the greatest minds worldwide in homeland security and combating terrorists. Seven subject matter experts who are highly qualified practitioners contributed one or more chapters to "Combating Terrorists in the USA: Protecting the CONUS from Terrorists." Their contributions add tremendously to the quality and technical content of this book. I owe a debt of gratitude to them for the valuable information they provide for everyone's benefit.

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