Congress For Dummies helps you sort out what Congress does on a daily basis and what it all means to you, the citizen. It shows you how to get organized, make your voice heard, and influence legislation that might affect you. Full of helpful resources such as contact information for House and Senate offices, and smart, straightforward explanations of the legislative process, this book is everything you need to understand Congress and get involved in your government.Whether you just want to know how government works, or you want to get involved to change your country, this simple guide covers all the ins and outs of Congress. Its a nonpartisan look at Congress that includes forewords by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Inside youll find easy explanations and helpful tips on how to:Get involved in the democratic processInfluence legislation thats important to youUndersta nd Congress and the mediaContact your senators and representativesCheck out Congress in action, in personDeal with congressional staffExpert author David Silverberg Managing Editor and a columnist at the Washington weekly The Hill takes the mystery out of getting something done in Congress, introducing you to the players and explaining everything from legislation and lobbying to caucuses and coalitions. Written with the citizen advocate in mind, this helpful guide gives regular people the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their aims. Inside, youll discover:How the three branches of government work togetherHow to register your opinion with your elected officialsHow the legislative process works from idea to lawHow debates, conferences, and vetoes workHow budgeting and appropriations workHow to get the most effect from your political contributionsHow the lobbying process worksHow to advocate for legislationHow to deal with congressional staffersHow to make use of congressional servicesGetting something done in the messy confusion of democracy and bureaucracy is no easy task. Full of the kind of information and knowledge that Washington insiders take for granted, Congress For Dummies levels the playing field so that regular people just like you can make a difference, too.

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