Countdown to Terror: The Top-Secret Information that Could Prevent the Next Terrorist Attack on America--and How the CIA Has Ignored It


Could the Next September 11 be NuclearThis is no theory, says Congressman Curt Weldon, in his shocking new book Countdown to Terror. It is a fact as real as the arrest of Muslim terrorists who planned to crash a plane into the Seabrook nuclear power plant in Massachusetts in 2003.What's even more stunning, Congressman Weldon tried to warn American intelligence about the attack—but no one in America's intelligence community would listen.How did Congressman Weldon know about it? Because of a secret source, an intelligence contract code-named Ali who has been a treasure trove of reliable intelligence—intelligence that, despite Congressman Weldon's strenuous efforts, has been routinely ignored by the CIA and the rest of America's intelligence services.Congressman Weldon's sharing of vital intelligence with you, the reading public, is unprecedented. But it is necessary so that the American people can be informed and pressure our government to do what needs to be done to protect our country, fix our still-broken intelligence services, and win the war on terrorism.Countdown to Terror is a frightening book—but it is all true. And if we act now, we can avoid its grimmest scenarios.

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