If you are trapped in an immoral relationship, bound by a damaging behavior, or just heading down a path of destruction, there is help... God still loves you, and He will give you the strength to change if you will return to Him. Counseling centers overflow with marriages splintered by infidelity, spouses addicted to pornography, and teenagers acting promiscuously. Yet, human sexuality is not wicked-God invented it. Unfortunately, fallen humans and society have warped it into something God never intended. While not immune from temptations, Christians can learn to live as God intended. In Courage to Flee, Dr. Jeffrey Klick presents the challenges of human sexuality from a Biblical perspective. He defines the struggles that play out in our minds and assault our senses. Using the Word of God, he succinctly explains how to avoid and overcome sexual temptation, escape the traps of immorality, and raise our children with positive values. He writes with humor, using personal anecdotes and specific tools to help anyone who is honestly trying to stay-or become-morally pure. Dr. Klick's message is one of hope. God is not appalled by failure. He loves us and understands our frailties. Victory over the world's temptations is possible for those who seek His answers. With help from Courage to Flee freedom can be gained and forgiveness through a mighty God will become a reality.

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