COVERING YOUR ASSets is not a guide on how to accumulate assets. It is written specifically for people who have already accumulated assets, or are on their way to doing so, and wish to preserve and protect those assets. It is written in a unique format that will allow you to isolate your specific life situation and read only material applicable to you. You will learn about what the Wealth Planning process should actually entail, the Thirteen Wealth Management Issues (twelve of which that are ignored by many Financial Planners), the synergy that should come from the integration of these oft-ignored issues, and how to properly build a Wealth Planning Team. Twenty-seven complex strategies and techniques are explained in simple terms and presented in such a way that they can be easily understood by any layman. COVERING YOUR ASSets is an informative, enjoyable and easy to read guide for anyone wishing to Preserve and Protect what they have accumulated.

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