"Cracked Shell Whole Yolk" is a collection of life events from the mind of a woman who survives domestic violence. Margo Viola escapes her abuser through the only avenue available "Death". After cheating death herself, she in turn had crossed the line and committed the sin of having another person's life taken. Cracked Shell Whole Yolk depicts the trials and tribulations of Margo's entire life path, coupled with her overwhelming desire to make right what she had wronged. Margo shows an innate ability to overcome adversity. Margo's life story proves that there are desperate changes needed in our Judicial System to narrow the brood spectrum of disparity, while handling Domestic Violence cases. Margo uses her bitter life experience as a tool for self-betterement and a guide to help others. She displays how one woman picked up her life, with heightened clarity and determination. Her strives marked the truth by living proof, of how one individual can make a difference. Margo's Memoir prompts society to take a cold hard look at the true dynamics of Domestic Violence, and how it plagues our community, thus erodes our family core. Cracked Shell/Whole Yolk is a thrilling adventure of a woman's life that soars at each turn of the page. Her experience touches all of us as a collective whole. Margo truly emerges from a "Cracked Shell" into a fully rounded "Whole Yolk"!

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