Creative Collection , Digital Photography Tips and Techniques, Volume 2, Composition, Lighting, and Landscapes


Three colorful e-books offer advice on key photographic techniques from Harold Davis

Composition and lighting are two of the essential foundations of photography. Landscapes are a favorite of both hobbyists and professional photographers. This collection features e-books on all three, lavishly illustrated with photos by renowned photographer Harold Davis. You'll learn how lighting, texture, and composition create outstanding photos and how to approach a subject creatively, choose and use appropriate equipment, and refine your technique. Then you'll explore the nuances of landscape photography. Throughout, you'll learn from an expert.
* This e-only collection includes three full-length e-books: Creative Composition, Creative Lighting, and Creative Landscapes
* Written by well-known photographer Harold Davis, whose work is widely displayed and collected, and richly illustrated with his photographs
* Covers basic rules of composition, how different lighting affects a photograph, ways to create and manipulate light for effect, when to break the rules, and techniques for using both composition and lighting in unique and creative ways
* Explores landscape photography from every perspective, explaining the traditional perspective as well as innovative ways to interpret landscapes

The Creative Collection, Volume 2 provides an education in key photographic principles while encouraging you to pursue your own unique photographic vision.

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