Crime and Justice offers a comprehensive introduction to the U.S. criminal justice system through nineteen historical and contemporary case studies. Each chapter opens with an engaging case, followed by an explanatory chapter that teaches core concepts, key terms, and critical issues. The second edition has been revised and updated throughout. It features new chapters on terrorism, the war on drugs, and gender. It also expands coverage of white collar crime and victims' issues. New cases include Enron, the O.J. Simpson trial, Barbara Sheehan and Battered Women's Defense, the story of Al Capone, and more. In this second edition, Carolyn Boyes-Watson, with contributors Susan T. Krumholz and Aviva M. Rich-Shea, enhance student learning through case studies that serve multiple learning objectives: cases explore sociological issues of race, class, gender, and power, while also teaching students the law and processes of the justice system. The book is excellent for not just Introduction to Criminal Justice courses, but also any course that introduces students to the concepts of crime and justice.

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