The aim of this book is to enable novices tocruise safely and enjoyably. It will cover the preparations needed beforeundertaking a cruise, operating the boat under different and sometimeschallenging conditions, how to cope when things go wrong, how to conform to therules and regulations, and how to navigate. It conveys the advice andinformation just as the cruiser will encounter it on passage - from setting offto arriving at their destination (rather than compartmentalised intonavigation/weather/engine etc).Topics include: Preparing to cruise (weather forecasts, route planning, checklists); Leaving harbour (harbour entrances, radio contact, setting courses and speeds, crew briefing, food and drink); Assessing weather and sea conditions (fine tuning plans); Watch keeping under way (visual and electronic navigation, coping with alarms); Entering harbour (planning ahead, radio channels, finding an anchorage, speeds); Cruising at night and in fog (lights, radar, shipping lanes, stopping distance); Adventurous cruising (navigating inshore, beach landing, hidden dangers); Fuel management and economy (economical speeds, boat trim, reserves); Comfort on board (cooking and sleeping at sea, security); When things go wrong (potential problems, safety equipment, coping with fire, leaks, grounding, engine problems, calling for help); Rules and regulations (collision regulations, traffic lanes, going foreign, qualifications).Aimed at owners of powerboats and motor cruisers between 25and 65ft, the book will be entirely practical, with checklists, sidebars andbox-outs and many diagrams and photos.

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