This state-of-the-art guide to damage control surgery focuses on the decision-making process for managing polytrauma patients. Orthopedists, trauma surgeons, and emergency medicine physicians will learn how to effectively coordinate efforts and time surgical procedures when treating severe fractures and soft tissue injuries. Supported by the latest research, the book presents an overview of the damage control concept and the epidemiology of polytrauma injuries. Immunological changes, cascade reactions, and patient selection for the damage control approach are discussed in detail. Both isolated extremity trauma and polytrauma are considered. Indications for life-saving procedures, damage control for truncal injuries, and damage control for extremities and pelvic fractures are outlined as well. The text also covers the management of vascular injuries and the timing of secondary definitive procedures. Edited by authorities in orthopedic trauma and general surgery, this book is an unparalleled resource for improving outcomes and implementing the damage control approach in polytrauma care.

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