Forty year old King Ludwig II of Bavaria died in 1886. He ruled Bavaria for twenty-two years. The cause of his death has never been made public. At the time, many theories were rumored. The government hinted he took his own life. A good swimmer, Ludwig reportedly drowned in shallow water, yet no water was found in his lungs. Twenty years later, Dolph Peters, a German graduate student at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, seeks to find the cause of Ludwig's death. In "Death of the King," as Dolph digs into the past, his own life is threatened. Is someone trying to stop him? Why? Could it be the Baron? The Baron's daughter? Will Dolph ever find the answers? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Thomas Reimer, fascinated for years with the magnificence of King Ludwig's castle, Neuschwanstein, visited Bavaria to see it firsthand. An extensive private tour of the castle built on top of a mountain was an emotional experience. The castle is exquisitely described in one of the many action packed chapters in Death of the King. While in Germany, he visited the other castles Ludwig built in the latter half of the nineteenth century. In Munich, he visited the Ludwig-Maximilian University and the Bavarian State Library and read many books on the life and contemporaries of King Ludwig. He walked the path of the king's final journey to the site of his death. In "Death of the King," Reimer brings the past alive while telling an exciting mystery. Author of four non-fiction books, he has unleashed his imagination in this, his first work of fiction. He is now working on his next novel. It tells about Irish and German immigrants coming to America in the 1820s. Facing great challenges and religious conflicts, the two young men cross to America to settle in a small village which becomes Chicago. Reimer, who graduated from Northwestern University, is a retired government employee.

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