The main goal of this book is to review at the nano and atomic scale the very complex scientific issues that pertain to the use of advanced high dielectric constant (high-k) materials in next generation semiconductor devices. One of the key obstacles to integrate this novel class of materials into Si nano-technology are the electronic defects in high-k dielectrics. It has been established that defects do exist in high-k dielectrics and they play an important role in device operation. The unique feature of this book is a special focus on the important issue of defects. The subject is covered from various angles, including silicon technology, processing aspects, materials properties, electrical defects, microstructural studies, and theory. The authors who have contributed to the book represents a diverse group of leading scientists from academic, industrial and governmental labs worldwide who bring a broad array of backgrounds (basic and applied physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, surface science, and materials science). The contributions to this book are accessible to both expert scientists and engineers who need to keep up with leading edge research, and newcomers to the field who wish to learn more about the exciting basic and applied research issues relevant to next generation device technology.

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