The study of CR manifolds lies at the intersection of three main mathematical disciplines: partial differential equations, complex analysis in several complex variables, and differential geometry. While the PDE and complex analytic aspects have been intensely studied in the last fifty years, much effort has recently been made to understand the differential geometric side of the subject. This monograph provides a unified presentation of several differential geometric aspects in the theory of CR manifolds and tangential CauchyRiemann equations. It presents the major differential geometric acheivements in the theory of CR manifolds, such as the TanakaWebster connection, Fefferman's metric, pseudo-Einstein structures and the Lee conjecture, CR immersions, subelliptic harmonic maps as a local manifestation of pseudoharmonic maps from a CR manifold, YangMills fields on CR manifolds, to name a few. It also aims at explaining how certain results from analysis are employed in CR geometry. Motivated by clear exposition, many examples, explicitly worked-out geometric results, and stimulating unproved statements and comments referring to the most recent aspects of the theory, this monograph is suitable for researchers and graduate students in differential geometry, complex analysis, and PDEs.

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