How do YOU mean business development and revenue generation for your company? How can collaboration tools enhance your soft skills and professional communications, and impact your career?Business development is part of everyone's job function. Do YOU Mean Business? by Babette N. Ten Haken, Founder & President of Sales Aerobics for Engineers LLC, gives you a powerful technical / non-technical collaboration toolkit you can put into practice, immediately. Create, lead and manage engineering and sales outcomes that differentiate you and your company from the competition. In Do YOU Mean Business?, Babette Ten Haken provides technical and sales people and other sellers, like C-level entrepreneurs, a solid strategy for how to explain a product, its benefits, and its value in ways that buyers and investors can easily understand and sellers can comfortably present. Liberate yourself from status quo, discipline-driven mindset. Learn how to use the right and left sides of your brain - at the same time! Develop the ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers and investors, no matter what their perspectives and where they sit around the business development table. Do YOU Mean Business? by Babette Ten Haken, Founder & President of Sales Aerobics for Engineers LLC, shows you how to inject entrepreneurial mojo into startup businesses, small businesses, and divisions of large companies. Trained as a scientist and enterprise-level strategic facilitator, Babette crossed over to the new product development, customer-driven design, and sales side of the business table. Like many of you, she was frustrated with team outcomes. Nobody was communicating. There was an Us versus Them mind set. One discipline was pitted against the other. Have you noticed the same thing? Babette identified a gap between cross-functional collaboration involving sales and engineering. She developed an impactful toolkit of collaboration, communications and team-building techniques which gets everyone on the same page. In Do YOU Mean Business? she teaches these same communications and collaboration skills to you. She focuses today's small businesses and startup businesses on leveraging collaboration. Let's work together and create, manage, and drive business and revenue outcomes!

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